(photo courtesy of: Kaye Martinez)

It was a particularly one hot afternoon of April 17. Scorching sun, freedom wall, smell of spray paint, roll of skateboards, feelings I can’t decipher. Definitely a day with the artists.

Carlo asked me if I can accompany him at Intramuros because they will have a shoot. Being a socially awkward person that I am, I first have second thought and is not sure by saying yes or will put out the word no. To tell you the truth, I kinda suck at meeting new people (or even to people I am not close) for I don’t know how to even start a communication and how to keep it going. But because of having nowhere to go after getting my grades, I said yes.

Again, without knowing what and how to act, I chose to sit in one place, put my earphones and music on, and read a book. I know that’s kind of awkward in their part but I just can’t seem to get along at first. But after one, two and three unfreezing moments, I eventually felt at ease.

I just can’t explain the feeling of being with new and awesome people hence they’re artists. It is such a good feeling that they are not like the people whom I used to get along with. For a moment, I’ve been with the people who’s the interests are the main topic. I’ve been with the people who’s love life and insecurities are never an issue. I’ve been with amazing people.

I maybe seated in one corner but I do got a lot about them by observing. About how obsessive compulsive and creative Kenn (the one w/ the black and white top) is, about how mature yet jolly Riz (the one in gray-slash-brownish (IDK the real color. LOL) top) is and about how such a cutie pie, enthusiastic, and likable person Kaye (the one in white) is and most likely, about how Carlo acted when he’s around the people whom he shared the same interest.

Obviously, April 17 was awesome and well spent. :)

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