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Okay, okay, such an exaggerated term for a blog post title. 

I’ve known If I Stay back then but because of the assumptions that it will be just another type of YA novel that have a clichéd story, I didn’t give it a try. Besides, I’m too focused fangirling over a different novel, TFIOS and I must admit, for me the book cover (the one with girl on it) is not just that enticing. Did I hear ye say, don’t judge the book by its cover? I know, I know.

A year later, they released its very first film trailer and I was shock and disbelief about it having a film adaptation. I watched the trailer and lo and behold, later I found myself weeping because of the story. Sure it was sort of clichéd but what allures me more about it is that it revolves around music — though of different genres. God knows how I adore music and silently dreamt of forming a band and being a rockstar someday. Hah!

After watching the film’s trailer I decided to read it right away and later followed by its sequel. Since then, I was on my knees and apologizing to Gayle Forman for what I thought about her book the first time I saw it.

And finally the time comes and the waiting game is over. So after going back to our Alma matter, Denise, Hesi and I headed to the theaters to cry.

To avoid spoiling (or not), I’ll just right reasons why the film captured my heart.

  • PERFECT CASTING. Chloë Grace freaking Moretz, man! (such face, such angel, such a bae (pls just let me use it don’t assume that I’m calling her poop, yaknow, the other kind of bae. I know you’re getting me here lol)) And let us not forget, the rising star, Jamie Blackley. (yet another bae)
  • Chloë and Jamie’s performance.
  • How amazing the director is because he made it appoint that what’s written in the book is somehow the same as the film. I also love the additional scenes that he put. The film gave justice to the book. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. NOR. EXAGGERATING.
  • SOUNDTRACK. I don’t know what are you if you didn’t melt when you watched the trailer while A Great Big World’s Say Something is playing. Hashtag feels!!!! And of course, the songs of Adam’s band — some are revivals of great songs from awesome bands.
  • THE HALL FAMILY and their friends! Ahhhh, I so love Mia’s Dad and her Mom!!! TOO AWE-INSPIRING FOR WORDS.
  • Music. How they’re both so committed to it and how it brought them together.
  • Mia’s best friend, Kim!! <3333
  • The rollercoaster of emotions. It will make you cry, happy, sad and in love all at once.
  • The quotes from the book!
  • Teddy and how such a cool kid and loving brother he is!
  • Adam.
  • Adam.
  • Adam.

I can go on and on about how and why I love this book and film but it’s still up to you on how you view/will view it. I saw some bad reviews about it but I guess it’s because of the transition of the story. It’s not that organize and maybe because of such up and down emotions each scene brought. Also, some reviews I read said that it emphasized young love too much. But don’t you want to at least go back to those young love feels for once? The story is not that bad for me. Rather, it provides a sense of simplicity, lightness and heaviness at the same time that will leave you wanting for more.

 If ever you’re not familiar yet (in case, there’s someone out there), see the plot summary here.

P.S In case you’re going to see the movie but still haven’t read the book yet, please do read it first. When we watched last Friday, majority of the teens literally shouted ‘WHAT’ and was shocked at how the movie ended. 

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It’s just a month until board exam hence myself being MIA in the blogosphere. As for now, my days are mostly composed of reviewing and nothing but reviewing (I swear! I’m near to losing my sanity. Err) so I apologize for the lack of posts — quality posts if I may say. For the mean time, here are some horses from my previous solo photowalk in Luneta. 

P.S Shoutout to my new readers! xx

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Humans of Luneta Park

Tried street photography for the first time and did it alone. I still find it a bit awkward — walking with a bulky camera on hand and shooting random things and people — but I guess this can be learned and should I continue venturing on this area of photography; I will (and can) eventually throw the awkwardness part. I should probably study how not to be creepy when capturing photos of people for them not to feel being stalked. Haha! But it’s such a fascinating thing to do.

However, it is a lot more enjoying to have some company.  So in case you might want to have some photowalk, just message me via ask! ;-) 

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