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I live for smiles, affection, optimism and most importantly for grace. Passionate about adventures, journaling what life teaches me, humanity and their untold stories and uplifting people to have the courage and to remind them to pursue whatever dream they have. At the moment, I am busy seeking the King and is currently in the process of being the one He intends me to be. ♥ more>>

I am given the opportunities and blessings by Him and in this blog is where I document them.



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Humans of Luneta Park

Tried street photography for the first time and did it alone. I still find it a bit awkward — walking with a bulky camera on hand and shooting random things and people — but I guess this can be learned and should I continue venturing on this area of photography; I will (and can) eventually throw the awkwardness part. I should probably study how not to be creepy when capturing photos of people for them not to feel being stalked. Haha! But it’s such a fascinating thing to do.

However, it is a lot more enjoying to have some company.  So in case you might want to have some photowalk, just message me via ask! ;-) 

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Random Visit at the Park


Just another day of soul searching, taking opportunities to have a ‘me’ time, solitude, solace, random people’s smiles and a lot more awesome things.

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dearest lovely humans,

My sister Elaine let me take over her tumblr account today. So here I am blogging about my new look. My parents didn’t warn me about the whole grooming thing. Although, I often get some hints every now and then because I am slowly having tangled hair. After the grooming process, I can’t believe they didn’t notice me. They even asked the groomer if it was really me. I’m not used to my look because it feels light and also, I received lots of laugh especially from my sister. That resulted to me, hiding in the darkest part of the bedroom. However, after a while, I was bombarded with lots of kisses and hugs from them so my depression eventually fade away. 

It’s been 2 weeks since my first grooming session and I am totes okay about it. I regained my high spirited attitude and back to being a hyper furball that I am. And, I’m excited to announce that my mom said they will be going to get another puppy for me to have some company! I’m super duper excited.

Anyway, how do you like my look?

Hihi. That’s all for now. My sister is coming!!!


Tasha xx

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